Hi everyone! 👋

Thank you for visiting my shop!

My name is Lisa and I am the proud owner of Cliponbuddy. ^^

I've always loved wearing earrings, or "imagine" wearing earrings.

Unfortunately, since I have eczema, I've never gotten my ears pierced and thus, that earring wearing dream had always been a dream.

In 2021 I loved watching earring business posts on Tiktok, and that motivated me to start one on my own in the beginning of 2023, but this time, instead of catering to the mass, I will also cater to the non pierced ear customers.

The idea being that even if you don't get your ears pierced, you can still wear pretty earrings.

And that was how Cliponbuddy was born. 🥳 Woooo! 😁 Hehe. And now, to make it a bigger dream.

I'm having so much fun lately, matching different beads to the charms to make charmed earrings POP even more, making my childhood dream a BETTER reality.

So that now, me and all my customer "buddies" 😉 can wear pretty earrings that will add more life to the earrings, catching people's eyes wherever you go.

At least that's what I believe 😤 👍. Mmm! Heheh.

Anyways, so this is the little story of the "birth" of Cliponbuddy.

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope that you'll enjoy the earrings Kate have on display, which you'll see later on, even more. 😊

And hopefully one can go home with you and join you for the rest of your beautiful life, ❤️ because everyone, especially YOU deserves to wear pretty earrings. 😊