Hello, I'm Cindy from LoLo & Cloudy!

As a tiny human, my first love was rocks. It’d be routine, 7 a.m at the bus stop, I’d be wearing my backpack hunched over inspecting the rock gravel and filling my pockets with ones that ‘passed’ my examination.

I made laundry tough on my parents because they would have to empty my rock-filled pant pockets so the washer wouldn’t be clogged by my personally curated treasures. They nicknamed me Raccoon because of my collectors personality.It sounds cliche, but I feel like my life’s come full-circle.

I started LoLo & Cloudy to hopefully collect smiles around the world through my art.

In today’s world, we often find ourselves shuffling through our systemically designed humdrum lifestyle.

And so I choose to make jewelry to help people express themselves and to shine!

Thanks to everyone who has supported me on this journey so far. Your collective strength fuels me to continue growing this passion of mine. It honestly means the world ❤️.

Sending love,
Cindy Lo Raccoon