Mushroombeansprout started out as a polymer clay shop in 2017 by Maggie Chao from Washington State.

When Maggie started university, she paused her shop for a few years.

She opened her shop again in 2022 after studying graphic design and transitioned to stationery.

Now, not only does her shop have clay charms, she also has greeting cards, stickers, notepads, and pins.

Maggie enjoys designing stationery because she herself is a huge stationery fan, and loves sending cards out during holidays.

Her cards brought joy to friends and family so she decided to take her shop more seriously and hope her art brings a smile to people's faces.

Maggie's design inspirations are Chinese/Asian culture, dungeons and dragons, mythology, folklore and ancient history.

Her illustration style is cute, colorful, funny, and sometimes weird!