SharkFinn Arts was created in 2022 by Finn Davis (he/they).

Finn taught himself how to crochet in early 2020 during the pandemic, where he spent countless hours perfecting the craft when there was nothing to do at home.

They started making silly hats and trinkets for friends as a fun hobby.

After teaching himself the basics of pattern writing, he started making frog hats and cute keychains to give to friends as gifts.

Finn decided to start this small business in 2022 after being rendered unable to work a typical labor intensive job.

With the love and support of their girlfriend and chosen family, SharkFinn Arts was born; where every product is handmade with love and care.

The goal of this queer, disabled, Filipino owned business is to share fun and silly creations while cultivating a safe space and making new friends along the way.

Catch Finn around various local markets selling an arrangement of tchotchkes that make them happy.

They hope it does the same for you.