Julie Santana—Born and raised in Miami, FL relocated to Gainesville in 2019.

Grateful to her folks who bought her first pack of crayons, and dedicated a tiny portion of our balcony, for her to paint on.

She was six when she completed her first wall mural, it was a bunch of different sized circles - but she was proud of it.

Founder of TwoEleven Art, which was her mother’s birthday - whom she lost to cancer in 2018.

She had always been into art, but after her loss, it became more of therapy than a hobby.

Julie’s work consists of bold, colorful and daring sketches.

Usually a mix of charcoal, acrylic or sharpies; art work inspired by past triggers and current emotion.

Mixture of pop art and graffitti, she’s named her style as ‘POPgraf’.

Very likely listening to Bad Bunny, or Tropical House mixes as she’s working on a piece.

Contact information below and on site for collab information and private commissions.